Power company ready for surge

Local - 1/21/2014 3:34 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL – Demand for electricity is nearing all-time highs, but a local provider is charged up and ready for a surge in power use during this winter storm.

Appalachian Power says the arctic blast that slammed Southern West Virginia earlier this month set a new usage record, and they could come close to that mark again.

Officials say they don't expect any wide-spread problems but isolated power outages could occur as the temperature drops and thermostats rise.

“We're expecting single-digit temperatures again this week, and when that happens the demand increases,” says AEP spokesman Phil Moye.

Moye says the next several days will be putting significant stress on the system. But it is designed to handle extreme cold.

“In the winter time the demand tends to be the highest in the early morning hours when people are getting up and getting ready for work.”

Officials ask that you shut-down any appliances and turn off your lights if the power does go out, as that will help restore service in your area quicker.


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