Marquee Cinemas hosts Down With That

Local - 1/18/2014 4:05 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – A movie theater in Raleigh County is doing its part to help ease the hardship of parenting a child with disabilities.

Marquee Cinemas hosted a matinee showing of “The Nut Job” this morning for Down With That, a Down's Syndrome awareness and support group in Southern West Virginia.

Dozens turned up to the movies to see a special showing that was tuned specifically to those with sensory issues. Lights were turned up and sound was lowered.

This allowed the kids to enjoy the movie without being overloaded, and allowed the parents to relax.

Parents say every day is a challenge not knowing what sensory issues their child will wake up with that day.

“It gives us an opportunity to experience things with our child in an adapted environment that most parents take for granted,” says Greg Painter, father of a young boy with Down’s.

Lola Rizer is a leader of the Down's Family Support Group and also has a daughter who suffers from the disorder. She says her family loves movies, and being able to have something special just for her daughter means the world.

“Being able to take our daughter to a movie that we know is not going to overwhelm her and over-stimulate her and give her a more comfortable environment to enjoy it, allows her to create social skills that are going to help her later on in life.”

The support group meets at the movies once a month, and also offers other activities like dance classes. For more information, you can visit their website at or call (304) 712-8247.


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