Combs St. fire is not the first in the area

Local - 1/13/2014 5:23 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A fire in Raleigh County will continue to be under investigation and officials said suspicious activity has been reported in that area.


Fire officials said a house fire at 104 Combs Street in Beckley was called in early Monday morning. Officials said not only was the home vacant, but had no power source going to it. 2 other houses, down the street from this one, caught fire within a week of each other earlier this year, and the first floor of this house was damage from a previous fire. All of these factors make this fire very suspicious and officials said they will be talking to neighbors and passersby to get to the bottom of what started it. Assistant Fire Marshal for the Beckley Fire Department said arson is suspected.


“When the guys made the turn down here at 3rd Avenue one of them remarked that he could see the flames and that just adds a little more seriousness to the call,” said Chief of Beckley Fire Dept., Billie Trump.


Assistant Fire Marshal, Ernest Parson, said, “there was no power to the house; the gas was turned off and it was not being lived in, so all indications are that this fire was intentionally set.”


Beckley Fire Department will continue to investigate and hopefully bring an end to fires on Combs Street.


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