McAuliffe sworn in as VA's 72nd Governor

Local - 1/11/2014 8:58 PM by Nadine Grimley
RICHMOND, Va. - Terry McAuliffe was sworn in Saturday as Virginia's 72nd Governor.

The former Democratic National Committee Chairman and fundraiser for Bill and Hilary Clinton was inaugurated at the state capitol in Richmond.  The Clinton's were among the thousands in attendance.  The festivities started with a prayer breakfast, continued with a parade downtown which was followed by an inaugural ball. 

McAuliffe unsuccessfully sought his party's nomination for governor in 2009, then gave it another try, winning his first elective office by narrowly defeating Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. 

"This capitol, where I stand today, reminds us not only of the durability of Virginia, but of what Virginia overcame," said McAuliffe, "well often too slowly we overcame the evils of slavery, civil war, and segregation.  Now more than 200 years later Virginia has grown even stronger."

McAuliffe went right to work after being sworn in, signing four executive orders.


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