Fayette County dealing with water outage

Local - 1/11/2014 6:07 PM by Stuart Hammer

HICO – Northern Fayette County is dealing with water issues of its own. Towns near Ansted and Hico have been without water for a couple of days.

Some residents of Fayette Co. have been experiencing low water pressure or no water at all.

West Virginia American Water says the problems are not related to the chemical spill near Charleston, but have resulted from breaks in the line due to the freezing weather last week.

Combined with the fact some homeowners left water lines open to prevent freezing pipes, it has caused holding tanks and pressures to drop.

All of this has created added struggle to everyday life, says lifetime Hico resident Frank Kesler.

“it's an inconvenience, like anything. Maybe not as bad as the power, but it's an inconvenience.”

He says it’s even difficult to eat, “You hesitate to cook because it's hard to clean up.”

Officials emphasize that this water outage is not related to the Valley chemical spill into the Elk River.

They say it will be 16 to 24 hours until service is restored.


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