Raleigh County break-in isn't the only problem for neighbors

Local - 1/10/2014 6:12 PM by Stuart Hammer

MABSCOTT – Life in a Raleigh Co. neighborhood is back to its old familiar ways following an overnight breaking and entering Thursday evening.

Police arrested 33-year-old James Lloyd Grubb after he snuck in through a sliding door at 105 Pine St. in Mabscott.

Neighbor Michael Richmond has seen this before, “I don't know if it's safe around here or not anymore."

"I’ve grown up here my whole life and the town's going to pieces. It's not worth being in it anymore. I mean, you got kids running around out here in the road and nothing's getting done about it."

Neighbors say crime and drug use run rampant, and that's a big concern for their safety.

"Drug buys, it doesn’t even have to be at night. I sit and watch it,” another neighbor, Michael Justice says, “So I’m beginning to wonder, what the law is gonna do here?”

Friday morning, neighbors discovered a bag of drug items just two houses down the road from the break in.
“They're all dealing drugs right here in the middle of the road... We just found a bag full of needles and spoons where somebody's been cooking something"

According to the police report, Grubb stated he was being held against his will across the street, as men were giving him pills and injections.


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