Route 3 blasting and rock removal

Local - 1/10/2014 5:25 PM by Rachael Cardin

SUN DIAL - A major roadway is still closed after the original rockslide required further attention from officials.


The massive amount of rock that has been blocking Route 3 in Sun Dial is slowly being broken apart and removed. Division of Highway officials said the mountain where the rock dislodged from is cracked and still dangerous to travelers.

The initial step was to blast apart areas of the rock structure and cautiously push them off the mountain so it can later be hauled away. The Assistant Engineer to the project said they have to move at a controlled pace to ensure that the river and power lines below are not damaged. The situation is dangerous and must be worked on with extreme caution.


“To make it safe, to make it safe. I know it's inconvenient for some of the folks that travel through here, but our main purpose is to make it safe,” said Alan Reed, the project’s asst. engineer.


DOH officials said they hope to start hauling out the removed material by next week and further steps for opening the road will be determined from that point. They asked that everyone be patient and use the appropriate detour for the time being.


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