Mount Hope water is safe!

Local - 1/10/2014 5:23 PM by Rachael Cardin

MOUNT HOPE - A Fayette County city assured its people that the water in their area is safe for all uses.


Mayor Michael Martin said the water source in Mount Hope is completely unaffected by the chemical spill in Charleston. Officials said the city draws its water from what is referred to as a surface water source, not taking any from rivers and streams. The mayor said all rivers flow West; making it geographically impossible for that water to make its way to this part of the state. As a normal procedure Mount Hope water is tested daily, and Martin said todays’ tests came back negative for any harmful material. The people of the city may use the water for drinking, cleaning and bathing as it is perfectly safe.


Mayor Martin said, “here in the city of Mt. Hope we have our own source water. Our water is not drawn from a river of a stream. Our water is considered to be a surface water system; we draw our water from abandoned coal works that are underneath the city of Mount Hope, that are underneath Fayette County.”


The mayor said the water will continue to be routinely checked and the public will be notified if unsafe water ever becomes an issue.


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