Emergency services official uses social media to quell rumors about chemical spill

Local - 1/10/2014 4:35 PM by Rebecca Turco
BECKLEY - The director of Emergency Services in Beckley is hoping to quell rumors and answer questions about the chemical spill.

Kevin Taylor said even though southern West Virginia is not directly affected by the spill, he is relaying information to locals through social media.

He advised folks who have plans to visit the affected counties to anticipate traffic, and he said to be mindful of potential traffic spikes in our area, as well. "We've heard reports that traffic flow has increased here in our area and certainly it could be due to this incident in itself," Taylor said.

To see if efforts are being conducted at the county level, call Taylor at 304-256-0034 or Raleigh County Dispatch. Updates will be posted on the Beckley Ready Twitter and Facebook pages.


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