North Carolina criminal in Raleigh County court

Local - 1/8/2014 6:11 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A North Carolina man faced a Raleigh County judge on Wednesday before moving on to North Carolina authorities.

Justin Tyme Hawley had a warrant out for his arrest after being charged with felony burglary, breaking and entering, larceny and conspiracy to commit safe cracking. Hawley was wanted in Benson North Carolina, but fled the state and was picked up by West Virginia authorities in a Bob Evans. He was arrested on fugitive of justice charges and cited for possession of marijuana as well. Cash was recovered from Hawley and is being held as evidence for his many offenses. The felonious charges he faced are somewhat unique, said the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Raleigh County Courts.

Attn. John Gallaher said, “felony safe cracking, which we don't have in the state of West Virginia, it's kind of a unique charge for the state of North Carolina; but those are serious offenses. Here in the state of West Virginia they would be numerous years in the state penitentiary so those are serious charges. If they were misdemeanors, it's more than likely the state of North Carolina wouldn't be interested; they would not extradite him, especially when we're several states away. Since they are felony charges, then they do want him back to face the music down there.”


The Hawley case will be continued in the state of North Carolina at a later date.


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