Ajax spring closing within the week

Local - 1/6/2014 3:27 PM by Rachael Cardin

GLEN JEAN - A Fayette County spring is going to be shut down after much discussion by the National Park Service.


The Ajax Spring on Fayette Station Rd. is being shut down by the National Park Service after it tested positive for certain contaminants. Officials said the property was obtained by the Park in 1988 and has always been posted as 'not potable.'


Park Service officials said they were aware that people in that area used the water, but that is was not primarily for drinking. The water was tested and came back positive for high levels of arsenic and mercury, along with coliform bacteria. Locals have been advised to seek alternate water sources.


Robin Snyder, Director of Interpretation and Visitor Services for the National Park Service, said, “it was a tough decision and we are aware that people do use that water... that people that live in this area, for many generations, have used that water. So we don't make that decision lightly; but the only right thing to do to make sure that we keep people safe and not using this water that is contaminated is to remove the spring.”


Officials said they will be removing the spring and piping within the next week, as weather permits.


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