Winter weather inbound puts residents on alert

Local - 1/5/2014 5:56 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL - Our area could see wind chills of -30 degrees or lower by Tuesday morning.

The national weather service has issued wind chill warnings for most of the state beginning Monday evening.

Temperatures are expected to fall below-zero or into the single digits across the state.

Frigid temperatures expected Monday night include -12 degrees in Elkins, -9 degrees in Beckley, -7 degrees in Huntington and -5 degrees in Charleston.

Folks were out at the store getting ready for the more-than-chilly weather Sunday afternoon.

Crystal Davis and her daughter Lindsey were concerned enough about the weather to get groceries before the weather hits, “Absolutely, get stocked up just in case; you never know what's going happen.”

Davis is also worried about the roads, “We live close to city limits, but the side streets don't get treated quite as well as they do in town, and so it can be a little harder to get out.”

Anna Butler has other concerns, “My water froze the other night, and it wasn't as cold as it's gonna be.”

Snow also is expected in some areas beginning late Sunday.

Mercer, Summers and Greenbrier Counties could receive 2 to 5 inches. Up to 9 inches of snow is expected in Western Greenbrier Co.


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