Joe Aiello basketball league kicked off today

Local - 1/4/2014 5:47 PM by Rachael Cardin

OAK HILL - A local sports league held it's first series of games on Saturday. Players and fans gathered to watch basketball players of all ages.

Over 600 kids are signed up for the 2014 Joe Aiello basketball league. Games kicked off on Saturday at 8 AM and organizers said they will be played until 7 PM. Saturdays filled with basketball is a way to keep these kids involved in sports, which is a healthy outlet that also incorporates them into the community. Coaches said they are committed to helping the players in any way they can.

Coach and board member, Tracy Adkins, said, "we're keeping these kids from drugs, alcohol and a lot of other problems that could be. We're giving them something every Saturday, we're sending them out here, we get em practices all through the week. We're there for them 100%. We're there for them... It ain't about us. We gotta build this community."

The league will play on Saturdays at Collins Middle School throughout the winter season.


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