Christmas tree recycling in Charleston

Local - 1/4/2014 5:41 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - An annual Charleston event that puts old Christmas trees to good use continues to draw crowds year after year.

Government organizations said the best way to dispose of your Christmas tree is by recycling it. Not only does it save on landfill space, but it benefits multiple lakes in West Virginia.

DNR official, Bret Preston, said, "It's a great way to reuse a resource of Christmas trees, and it also benefits fish and it benefits the anglers out there so they can use these places where we install the trees as fishing locations as well, so it's a great project."

DEP officials said the recycling project is the best way to save money and reuse resources.

"Landfill space is expensive; we pay for liners in landfills and this is organic material that shouldn't be going to the landfill. It needs to be reused in the best way we can do it, so that's what we're promoting," said Greg Rote with the DEP.

The Director of the REAP program, as well as other organizers, said not only is this a convenient way to get rid of your Christmas trees, but recycling helps get rid of your Christmas tree, but recycling help everyone. They truly believe this is the reason the even grows every year.


"It's recycling... I think they think it's a good program and a good project and they want to help the environment," said Sandy Rogers with the DEP.

REAP program Director, Danny Haught, said, "there's no doubt, this events been going on for over 20 years and each year we see a climb in at least 50-100 trees and last year we went over 600 trees and that's a significant amount...I think for the most part they're trying to do the right thing; you know, protect and preserve their environment, and give back to the anglers of WV... And that goes back to the tourism for WV as well," said Haught.

Of the hundreds that recycle their trees, some of them are local anglers who hope the fish habitats will increase their luck come springtime.

Bill Carver donated his tree, and said, "I'm a fisherman and it might help me someday... It's also the easiest thing for me to do."


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