Fayette Co. has a new commission president

Local - 1/3/2014 4:01 PM by Stuart Hammer

FAYETTEVILLE - Fayette County has a new president in the commission, and she is making history.

Denise Scalph was elected President of the Fayette Co. Commission this morning. She is the first woman to not only be elected president in Fayette Co. but also to serve on the board.

The commission helps with organizing waste water, parks, and budgeting the county's money. She tells Newswatch her goals include improving infrastructure and programs in the communities in Fayette Co.

“A program that I'm extremely interested in is our senior program and our weatherization program in the county; to provide for people that do not have, and may be less fortunate than us.”

Scalph has served on the board for the last four years and she hopes to continue serving Fayette Co. with a six-year term.


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