Tips for winterizing your home

Local - 1/2/2014 4:13 PM by Rachael Cardin

OAK HILL - Along with basic household tips, like lining your windows and doors with towels or rugs; here are what professionals said can save you money and heat your home safely.

Employees at Fayette Awning & Glass said, "It's very important to winterize your home because it can make your electricity bills skyrocket, not to mention there's a lot of fire hazards that go along with heating your house."

Pipes can freeze and may even burst if the home or building becomes too cold., but here are some quick fixes to help keep the heat in your home.

Jeff Ashwell, sales assosciate at Fayette Awning & Glass, said, "pipes break in the wintertime when it gets real cold... And you just want to make sure you have your pipes wrapped up really good. We sell a pipe wrap that goes around your pipes... we also have a 6 foot section of foam that goes around the pipe. Which is really good to keep them insulated."

This time of year you definitely want to make sure you have weatherstripping and other items around your windows and doors to keep cold air from coming in.

The professionals said that space heaters run by kerosene or propane, are actually the most beneficial to have in the wintertime. Not only are they the most efficient, but the most reliable when we may lose power.

Justin Weis, employee at this hardware store, said, "the propane heaters and the kerosene heaters would be best if there is a bad storm coming with the power outages in our area... that way you do have warmth even if you don't have electricity."

"It's a little cheaper to go with propane or kerosene heat than it is electricity and it's more dependable. Propane and kerosene are definitely good things to have," said Weis.


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