Active Fitness encourages New Year's resolutions

Local - 12/31/2013 3:43 PM by Rachael Cardin
OAK HILL - With the new year quickly approaching, many people are thinking about how to better themselves for 2014.

New Years resolutions are often centered around getting inolved with fitness training or living a healthier lifestyle for the upcoming year. The local gyms and workout centers said they do see this influx in membership and commitment early in the year, but that the activity itself is important all year long. Co-Owner and General Manager of Active Fitness Center in Oak Hill said that working out is an important example to set for our future generation.

"We're the biggest and worst obesity state in the country... that's why we've grown every year, trying to get all these other facilities and all these other things that we do to make sure our kids aren't like that and so we can help the people that are already like that," said Waylon Payne.

Active Fitness personnel encourages anyone interested in learning more to visit their website or their facebook page to start building a healthy lifestyle for 2014.


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