New mayor for Beckley

Local - 12/30/2013 6:23 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - The city will have a new leader in just a few days as Mayor Emmett Pugh finishes out his 25 year run.

Mayor Emmett Pugh said he is grateful for all he has accomplished during his time...but said he could have never done it without his department heads and those working beneath him.

"I really attribute any success that we have had, that the City has had, it to the people that you put around you," said Pugh.

"Some of the projects that we have done; the rail trail, 2 new fire stations, The Intermodal Gateway project and then also to me it's the personal relationships that I have developed over the course of the years," he said.

City Council members will be the only individuals voting on who they think will best finish out Mayor Pugh's term. Residents of the area said they are eager to see what this new person can bring to the City of Beckley.

Jessie West, a resident of the city, said, "from the new parking plaza, to the new courthouse right here beside us, it's getting bigger everyday. It seems like Beckley is growing, but you look around and there are buildings being tore down and stuff too. You know, buildings that used to be here, that are gone now, and stuff. So, just waiting on new buildings to pop up, lets see how bug Beckley can really get."

Other citizens said they hope the new mayor can bring specific economic improvements to the city.

"More job opportunities really, we really need to bring it up because we have too many people walking around," is what Adam Graham said concerned him most.

"Hopefully more involvement with people and stuff, different things that the people of Beckley can do together; festivals, anything," said West.

Mayor Emmett Pugh offered final advice to his successor; "It's the Golden Rule; treat people the way you want to be treated too. So, I think that's the best advice you can give"


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