Raleigh County gets a new fire truck

Local - 12/30/2013 6:13 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY - Raleigh County Fire Departments gain a new apparatus that they hope will improve their operations. A new fire truck, dedicated this afternoon, is adorned with all the bells and whistles.

Designed to perform firefighting with two foam systems, rescue with an automated defibrillator, and extract using tools that will aid in car accidents.

Its main features are geared around improving the safety of the public and the firefighters, and officials say they hope to improve response time on emergency calls. The new truck has LED lighting that will be especially helpful for their night-time calls.

“When you're dealing with an emergency situation, having the right equipment saves so much time,” says Beckley Fire Dept. Chief Billie Trump, “And time could literally be the difference between life and death.”


The truck costs more than $500 million and was purchased using fire levy funds.



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