C Adam Toney Summersville location completely lost

Local - 12/28/2013 5:07 PM by Rachael Cardin

SUMMERSVILLE - The Summersville location of C Adam Toney caught fire sometime before 5 AM on Saturday.

Officials said the entire building was lost in under 2 hours. 7 fire departments from Nicholas County were called in to extinguish the flames, along with the Fire Marshall and other rescue services from Raleigh County. The building was housing 2,300 tires, whose burning rubber created black smoke. The owner, employees, and family members said this won't break their spirit and they are already looking to rebuild.

"We're gunna rebuild, you know we've been in business 31 years and we're not gunna let something like this get us down. This was our most successful store store and we'll rebuild and get up and running right away, you know, we'll find a place here in Summersville to get up, get back in business until we can build a new place here. And we'll be back in business quickly," said Charlie Toney.

Investigation, as to what caused this fire, will be conducted throughout the remainder of the month and early into next week.


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