Holiday travlers have smooth sailing on Christmas day

Local - 12/25/2013 2:06 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - The holidays are notorious for delays and accidents on roadways, but Christmas day seemed to be traffic-free for these cheerful travelers.

Tamra Flynn, on her way to Virginia, said "it's a very long drive, it's a 14 hour drive and the roads are pretty good; there's hardly anybody out there now."

Even the kids traveling were in good spirits. "We did Christmas two days earlier on Monday so we leave on Christmas day so there wouldn't be that much traffic," said 8 year old Kendall LeBlanc.

Not everyone was functioning on a full night of sleep, but Laura Spence cheerfully said, "I hopped in the car at 2 in the morning and it has been nothing but clear sailing since I got in the car."

Some people even choose to travel today compared to the days leading up to Christmas; "we love traveling and especially today because its such a beautiful day and also there's not much traffic on the road," said Fred Chiles, a local man heading out of state.


David Wills, Ohio native, said he felt the same way; "No traffic, it’s a nice day... that or go to the moves... there was kinda no choice."


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