Fire officials push safety on holidays

Local - 12/25/2013 2:01 PM
BECKLEY - At a time of year when Christmas and New Years fall within a week of each other, officials in Raleigh County are urging the public to get through the holidays safely.

Lt. Terry Fischer with the Beckley Fire Department told WOAY that it's important to pay attention in the kitchen when visiting family and friends can be a distraction. Although the fire department receives very few calls regarding cooking accidents, Fischer still shared a few safety tips.

Keeping your tree hydrated and refraining from using too many extension cords are two important tips, Fischer said. Years ago, he remembers responding to cooking accidents when deep frying turkeys became popular.

"For the most part, people pay attention to what they're doing especially around the holidays, and we don't necessarily have an increase in calls during this time unless of course it's a weather related incident -- power outages or heavy snow -- so a lot of it has to depend on the weather," Fischer told WOAY.


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