Happy Howl-idays

Local - 12/24/2013 5:46 PM by Rachael Cardin

RALEIGH COUNTY - Fostering a pet for the holidays benefited the families and these pets

The Raleigh County Humane Society held their final Howl-idays event at the animal shelter, hoping to, at least, give these animals a place to call home during the holiday season. The shelter takes good care of these pets all year long, but organizers said they want animals to benefit from a family atmosphere. Melissa Lyons said pets can bring happiness to any family at all times of year... so why not now?

Melissa Lyons, director at the shelter, said, "I've always had pets at my house and I couldn't imagine a Christmas, or just a regular Wednesday without a pet at my house. It's always a companion that's there for you."

8 year old Taylor Short said, "I went to Walmart yesterday with my father and got Friskies Party Mix for the cats, and Pup Peroni sticks for the dog...and we got big bags of each so we'd have enough for everyone. So I just figured maybe if the animals couldn't come home to Christmas with me, I'd bring Christmas over here to them."

Shelter employees said they offer fostering all year, hoping that it leads to more adoptions.


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