Last-minute shopping

Local - 12/24/2013 5:43 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Last minute shoppers flocked to the store on Monday to get final gifts before the big day.

It's inevitable that people would need to pick up a few things on Christmas Eve, but particularly the men we talked to have just started to shop . More than half the guys out shopping on Monday said they waited until the last minute to get everyone's Christmas gifts. The holiday hustle and bustle didn't seem to bother them; they do this every year. One man actually said today is less busy for shopping than the days leading up to Christmas Eve. Regardless, the mall was full of 'last-minute men.'

"Because I'm a guy and what's guys do? Wait till the last minute. So ya, run out here for the last few things that we gotta get," said Ryan Neal... a last minute shopper from Beckley.

Shane Alexander said, "Because I'm a guy....and that's just how we are."

These guys said they still had more shopping to do, but were confident they'd find the perfect gifts for everyone on their list.


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