Ford Animal Cruelty case waived until 2014

Local - 12/23/2013 4:56 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - A man accused of burning seven cats waived his right to a preliminary hearing, yet again.

58 year old Michael Ford waived his right to a re-scheduled preliminary hearing on Monday in Fayette County Court. After being arrested for 7 counts of animal cruelty, Ford has been serving time in Southern Regional Jail on $35,000 bond. Ford's wife, Robin Ford, called the authorities to report that he had put her cats in a crate and placed them into a fire pit letting them burn to death. In her account, there were 12 cats in total some of which were just kittens. Magistrate Bickford said he expected this to happen in this case

"What happened today is the defendant has his appellate right to waive his action to the grand jury; and that's what he did along with his lawyer. They agreed to waive everything to the action of the grand jury. It happens quite often, quite often.. and yes; I did expect him to do that today," said Bickford.

Ford will face the grand jury at their next session... Which is scheduled for January of 2014.


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