Mac's Toy Fund distribution day

Local - 12/21/2013 4:15 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Mac's toy fund was a big hit Saturday as Raleigh County families shopped for Christmas gifts.

Mac's Toy Fund has been servicing Raleigh County during the holidays for 83 years, and organizers said it's a fun, family event.

Volunteer Chuck Cox said, "the kids, the families; everyone's excited, everyone's happy. Everyone gets to see joy and excitement of picking out things; either for their kids or sometimes they bring their kids with them, especially if there's not a sitter and the kid gets to go through the toys and pick out what he or she wants...its fun!"

A high school cheer leading squad focused its efforts on the coat drive, while a boy scout troop from Raleigh County have prepared over 200 bikes to be given to children that they know have so little.

"We enjoy doing it, our scout masters enjoy watching the smiles on our faces when we help others. It's a great experience for the people that have a lot of stuff and we come here and see what other people have to go through to get this stuff.," said Boy Scout Andrew Barbera.

Volunteers and organizers at the Mac's Toy Fund said this event is the biggest to hit the Raleigh County Civic Center every year. They think it's because of the warm feeling that it provides to volunteers and those shopping.

Pete Torrico, Vice President for Mac's Toy Fund said the benefits are two-fold.

"We've probably had close to 300 volunteers plus volunteers here today and, you know, this is a great way for them to give back to the community and you see the volunteers smiling just like the kids who are getting the toys... so its good for everyone," said Torrico

Volunteer Randal Robertson said, "this is my second year and there's a warm feeling to it...helping somebody else out."

With over 4,400 tickets given out this year the event keeps growing and growing. Organizers said they plan to have more success in upcoming Christmases.

"We've done it for 83 years and we're not going to quit till we have to," said Torrico.


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