Traffic stop turned into 2 arrests for drug possession

Local - 12/17/2013 4:19 PM by Rachael Cardin
BECKLEY - A routine traffic stop led to the arrest of 2 people in Beckley on Monday night.

25 year old Tiphanie Scott, and 31 year old Johnnie Alston Jr. were arrested last night on Ewart Ave in Beckley. Officer T M Capehart of the Beckley PD said he pulled over Scott for speeding and an expired registration. She produced a document confirming that the car was rented, but after having trouble identifying the passenger, Officer Capehart called for back up, requesting a K-9 unit.

K-9 confirmed a presence of narcotics, permission was obtained to search the vehicle, and marijuana was discovered. Officers then arrested the two suspects for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. There was approximately one pound of marijuana in the car, amounting to the street value of $25,000. Detective Farley of the Beckley PD said the marijuana problem is not necessarily growing; finding it can sometimes be a coincidence.

"It's probably the same its always been; just there's times when we're able to pull a car over for a traffic violation and we end up finding a large amount of drugs or marijuana or find someone with a warrant on em'. Things like that just kinda happen sometimes," said Det. Farley.

It was later discovered that there was a warrant out of Charleston for the arrest of Alston on similar charges.


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