Jonathan Thomas Express unloads at Rainelle Medical Center

Local - 12/16/2013 4:32 PM by Rachael Cardin

RAINELLE - Businesses, charities and volunteers organized a toy drive to remember an unforgettable man.

Jonathan Thomas was a son, a friend, a UPS driver, and is now the name associated with a massive Christmas toy drive. On June 15th of 2012 Thomas was stung by a bee while driving for UPS. He went into anaphylactic shock and died after crashing the vehicle. His family and friends, The Rainelle Christian Academy athletic teams and Medical Center staff gathered on Monday to receive the donations. Toys for Tots, UPS, and the Greenbrier, along with local businesses that lived along Thomas's daily route, donated gifts and funds towards the toy drive. The gifts will be distributed this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Rainelle Medical Center during a children's carnival.

Kristi Atha - Rader, CEO of Rainelle Medical Center, said, "he was a wonderful person, a very giving person. We're glad that we can do this so that everybody here remembers Jonathan."

"My son is a very giving and caring person and we want to continue with his giving. I don't want anyone to ever forget about him ever. He loved toys. My son always loved toys and we want to continue with the giving of the toys... that's what this is all about," said his mother, Darla Thomas.

Organizers and medical center staff said the need doesn't end with the Christmas season. Rainelle Medical Center accepts donations of all kinds throughout the year for local children in need.


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