Shop with a Deputy Program

Local - 12/14/2013 6:15 PM by Rachael Cardin

MACARTHUR - Almost 100 children shop Saturday in MacArthur for the Christmas presents they would have never gotten.

Chief Mitchell Barley said, "this is one of the charitable things that the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Raleigh County does each year, thanks to the donations from local businesses and the public we have been able to schedule approximately 88-90 kids to go shopping this year."

Parents came to help their kids shop, but also to thank the officers for giving a miracle to families suffering financial hardship.

"This event has helped out our family a lot because without this 'shop with a cop' me and my husband would not have Christmas for our kids... So in a big way they gave us a miracle and helped these children; put a smile on their faces and one on mine," said mother Evelyn Dwier.

The officers said they like doing events like this one because it brings out the positive in the community during the Christmas season.

"Deputies in Raleigh County see so many things throughout the year that are tragic and that tend to see sometimes the worst part of our society. To come out here, it kind of reminds you the human side of things and how much this holiday means to children, and how much it should mean to all of us really," said Barley.

Parents and officers said shopping with the deputies will allow these children Christmas gifts, but hopefully fill them with a respect for authorities in the community.

Dwier said, "it'll make them look up to cops more... Have more respect for them and teaches them how to be nice to others and share and just to have a good heart."

"To be able to come out here and show them that we're the good guys and to hopefully plant that thought in their mind that we're somebody they can come to if they need us and that makes a big difference," said Barley.

The MacArthur Walmart hosted the shop with a deputy program and allotted each child $100. $50 for clothes and $50 for toys. They will be auctioning off the Can-Am Commander on Sunday to help pay for the event.

Mother Evelyn Dwier said, "I just wanna thank the cops for doing this for my children and all the other children out there that needed help."


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