Massive Drug Bust in Mercer County

Local - 12/13/2013 5:16 PM by Rachael Cardin

PRINCETON - Two people are arrested after a massive drug bust in Mercer County.

Princeton Police arrested Shante McKinley and Jamal Wilbram after the Princeton PD discovered a marijuana growing facility. 98 pot plants were found growing in the home as well as a proper ventilation system, heating system and watering system for a massive drug operation. Officials said they arrived at the residence to arrest Wilbram, but he was not there. McKinley was at the home and the Princeton Chief of Police; J. W. Howell said the officers smelled a strong marijuana odor coming from the house. Once a warrant was issued, Princeton Police officers searched the area and discovered the massive operation.

“We found three rooms of the house that were set up as grow rooms in the house. All of these rooms had marijuana plants growing. They had the lighting systems, ventilation systems, water systems. It was a very large and very elaborate system that they had set up there,” said Chief Howell.


Howell said the product alone would have amounted to thousands of dollars of profit  and the equipment is worth another $1000.  The Drug Task Force of Southern West Virginia has been assigned to the investigation at this point.


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