HSTA offers program to fund college education

Local - 12/7/2013 6:12 PM by Rachael Cardin
BECKLEY - A great way for kids to learn the sciences, but also to help them get a free college education as well.

The Park Middle School in Beckley hosted an engineering and technology expo on Saturday, hoping to inspire Raleigh County kids to pursue the sciences. The Health Sciences and Technology Academy is eager to promote how important these studies are to the future generation. The organizations' PR staff, Becca Mullin said that HSTA pays the college tuition of any student that finishes out the program as long as they attend school in West Virginia.

She said, "we're hoping to get more students graduating from high school and pushing them into those health sciences, technology, stem majors once they're in college so they can better the state of West Virginia as a whole."

There are currently about 70 Raleigh County students involved in the HSTA program, but organizers said there is always room for more.


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