Glen Jean shooting leads to arrest of suspect

Local - 12/2/2013 5:34 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTE - Recent investigation of a shooting Saturday November 30th, in Glen Jean has led to an arrest.

Early Saturday morning, at Drifters Bar and Grill two men got into a fight and one of them was shot in the leg. The suspect Kevin Dumas, fled the scene, but was found by police in Beckley. Dumas has since been detained and officials discovered the he is a wanted felon in Ohio. Apparently this is not his first offense of this nature.

"While this gentleman who was shot was at the hospital, Beckley Police stopped a suspect in Raleigh County based on descriptions we had. They ended up checking everything with him. He was wanted in Ohio for I think felonious assault there," said Sheriff Kessler.

Police believe the two men know each other and it is therefore unconfirmed whether or not the victim will press charges.


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