Angel's Perch set to air on cable

Local - 12/1/2013 4:42 PM by Rachael Cardin

POCAHONTAS COUNTY - A film shot in Pocahontas County has been picked up for national distribution since its release.

Angel's Perch; a movie based out of West Virginia, has been distributed nationally by Gravitas Ventures for a cable release date on December 1st. The story is based around a young man who must return home to West Virginia to care for his grandmother who suffers from Altzheimers disease. The heart-warming story also stars local West Virginia actors and harps on the beautiful scenery and wonderful community.

"I had always obviously known that it would make a beautiful backdrop for a film. It deserved to be up on a big screen... but the other side of that for me is I wanted to tell a story that I thought celebrated the community that exists in West Virginia that doesn't necessarily get the the love it deserves. We know them as hard-working and loving people who take care of eachother," said writer and producer J.T Arbogast.

To find out where you can buy, rent, or order the film visit the films website at


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