Basketball troop encourages drug-free lifestyles

Local - 11/22/2013 5:08 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - A group of basketball players is encouraging students to trade in drugs for a substance-free lifestyle.

The Drug Free All Stars energized Oak Hill high schoolers Friday with a full game of basketball against its faculty members. The goal of the "Fun-Filled Friday" is to promote recreational activities and build character among students.

"There are a lot of people I know that barely have any money," ninth Grader Dalton Dorman said about drug users. "They live in probably the most poorest quality you can think of is where they live. A lot of health problems. I know a lot of people that can barely breath because of it."

Jacob Stanley is his friend and classmate.

"It's good to stay healthy because you know it can shorten your life because you could want to get drugs and waste all your money on them and then not worry about other things, and it could really mess you up, and that's why I stay drug free," he said.

The All Stars are in their ninth season and hope that stops in their travels will help spread the message about how to live life drug free.

"If we could just give that and influence that one spark, and hopefully what we can do is we can just send them back in with a new spirit, a new energy and something that they can carry with them a long time," All Star Greg Puckett said.

Drivers Education teacher Jason Blankenship played against the All Stars.

"We want kids to know that it can affect your life negatively, and so when they see some positive influences and people they can look up to and see that we don't do drugs, and we want our kids to have fun," he told WOAY.


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