Authorities discuss meth use in southern region

Local - 11/22/2013 12:49 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - Law enforcement announced Friday that the use and manufacturing of methamphetamine is more widespread in southern West Virginia than they originally thought.

West Virginia State Police said they arrested 32 people in the southern part of the state on charges of manufacturing meth in the past month.

Since the end of October, troopers have focused more of their manpower on investigating meth labs in the region, which tends to be more difficult in rural areas, according to police.

Although the problem has not reached the level of prescription pills, the production of meth is increasing for personal use, police said.

Authorities are hoping that more tips from the public will help them combat the dangerous problem.

"The kids that are there or the parents that are there around these meth labs become contaminated and take it out into the school system, and other children are contaminated with this toxic chemical," Sgt. Michael Baylous told WOAY.


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