Fayette County deputies have morning safety chat with young students

Local - 11/20/2013 5:17 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - Some of Fayette County's finest are hoping a morning safety chat will help keep local kids better informed in dangerous situations.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department joined young students at New River Elementary Wednesday for a talk about strangers, the use of seat belts, and dangerous weapons and drugs to stay away from.

"You start now with the first, kindergarten, second, and it stays with them hopefully until they're adults, and it sticks with them from the safety purposes, plus when they have children, maybe they remember something and will pass it on to them also," Chief Deputy Mike Fridley told Newswatch.

A few of the school's fourth graders talked about what they learned.

"If you come face to face with a stranger, and they want you to go somewhere or something, you need to say, 'No,' and you need to just run away," fourth grader Kylie Pelkey said. "Kick, scream -- whatever you have to do to defend yourself."

Student Genia Sizemore was by her side.

"When a stranger goes up to you, you do not let them get you," Sizemore said. "You just have to run away and do whatever you can to save your life."

Deputies focused their discussion on what to do in the case of a kidnapping, but K-9 deputies stole the show in a surprise appearance.

"The coolest thing I learned was I never knew hound dogs couldn't see, and because I like hound dogs," fourth grader Logan Wallace said. "They're my favorite animal."

Authorities also help the students will spread the safety tips to their brothers and sisters.


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