Beating the Odds

Local - 11/19/2013 8:00 PM by Courtney Rosemond

PROSPERITY - Addiction is an epidemic that so many struggle with here in southern West Virginia.  In part one of our series beating the odds.

Jake Cochran says, “Things were so dark in my mindset at the time the only alternative was suicide.”

He’s spent the last six years in a battle for his life but it wasn't until after he hit the ground that he realized he was in a fight for which he never signed up.

Cochran says,” it was through just a few small compromises that I made just in the name of having fun and then quickly I realized man I could probably feel like this all the time.”

Hamlet Smith with Life Strategies Counseling explains, “The chemical use of drugs gives your brain an immediate euphoria and that's powerful.

A seemingly innocent path of drug use did not have the ending Jake was expecting, “I woke up years down the road and I'm thinking how did I get to this spot.”

Even though so many face this struggle by its very nature addiction can leave its victims feeling completely on their own.

“I felt lonely and alone and hopeless, Life's hard relationships are hard work environments are hard making it to the next pay day it's hard and we're all looking for some kind of relief some kind of release.”

But when that relief failed to come through use Cochran was all but ready to simply go under.

Cochran says, “You end up in a pretty dark place things had gotten so serious in my own life with regard to addiction that I had finally just given up.”



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