Fayetteville recognized for progress in recycling, beautification

Local - 11/19/2013 5:03 PM by Karen Franklin
FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayette County community was recognized yet again for its annual progress in recycling, beautification and cleanup.

The town of Fayetteville received its sixth "Make it Shine" Clean Community Award from the state Department of Environmental Protection this month.

Town superintendent Bill Lanham said he's happy with the progress in recycling and beautification projects and a new ordinance that works to rid the area of dilapidated housing.

Because Fayetteville is this year's grand champs, officials plan on spending its $500 prize on spring projects.

"It says a lot about the people in our community," Lanham said. "It tells you a lot about their care for the environment, our interest in the environment -- preserving Fayetteville as one of the coolest small towns."

Town officials also credit some of their recognition to their educational outreach programs, which teach local kids about recycling.

Alderson was also recognized.


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