Locally grown produce is part of lunch meals in Fayette County

Local - 11/19/2013 4:45 PM by Courtney Rosemond

LOOKOUT - Sure, there's pizza, chicken and fish, but guess what else is on the menu?

Yellow tomatoes and purple carrots have made their way to the trays at Divide Elementary School in Lookout.

"It's all about good quality and good quantity produce, and that's what I've been able to achieve for the last couple years," West Virginia Homegrown Farms founder Chad Smith told WOAY.

Produce from Smith's weekly harvests go straight to Fayette County Schools.

"You're putting right back into the community, and he's putting back into us, and we're educating the students and the children," Principal Steve Rhodes said.

The "Farm to School" initiative began years ago in an effort to educate parents and students about nutrition. With the help of cooks, kids are getting the option to munch on some leafy greens.

"It took a couple weeks for them to probably want to try a yellow tomato, but once they tasted it, they noticed that it tasted even better than their typical red tomato that they're usually getting," Smith said.

Peyton Sheaves is a fifth grader at the school.

"You get to like pick like salad and stuff," he told Newswatch. "You get to pick out your food. They don't just tell you, 'You have this stuff.'"

School administration agreed.

"You've not lost your nutrients in the food," Rhodes said. "It's not frozen. It's fresh, and it gives the kids something to strive to be. They may want to go into agriculture."


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