Basketball tournament helps raise funds for family

Local - 11/16/2013 4:30 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - Even though it's not breast cancer awareness month anymore, one community is coming together to help a family fight through this disease.

A tournament of six basketball teams formed from alumni of area schools are helping raise money for a Woodrow Wilson basketball legend, Dave Barksdale, and his wife Gelilah who has breast cancer.

"He's apart of my son, my son goes to his camps and stuff so we kind of just put it together to help out," said tournament organizer Lane Accord.

Alumni from Oak Hill, Independence, Greater Beckley, Mount Hope, Liberty and Shady Spring high schools entered the tournament at $200 a team and all the proceeds will go to the Barksdale's.

"I think it helps them emotionally, lift their spirits up knowing that they contribute a lot , not just to camps, Beckley basketball, Greater Beckley, they do a lot with the community," said Accord.

Students who attended Barksdale's basketball camps say it's their turn to give back.

"It means a lot to me, I mean he helped me a lot with my basketball so I think it's good to give back to them and stuff, he's a great person, he helps a lot of people around him, he's a great person," said Devin Accord.

Coach Barksdale has touched many lives, even the one's of those who never got a chance to play for him, but they say they wouldn't think twice about helping out.

"I know he's an excellent coach, coaching Woodrow, Mountain State, he's just an all around good guy, he really is," said William Dillard.

Alumni say to be able to come together as one to help out a man and his family who has given so much, really makes a difference.

"I believe it means a lot to coach, and I love coach to death and I believe him getting to witness everybody, even from different schools even though he coached Beckley, you know bringing everyone together," said Dillard.


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