Red Cross responds to emergency needs of Philippines

Local - 11/14/2013 5:39 PM by Rebecca Turco

(Picture Courtesy: Red Cross)

BECKLEY - The Philippines is still recovering from the impact of the recent typhoon and non-profit organizations including the Red Cross are responding to the area's emergency needs.

The Global Red Cross network just announced an initial contribution of $6 million toward their response. Locals with family members in the Philippines they cannot get a hold of can contact the West Virginia Region of the Red Cross to help locate them.

Stephanie Meadows, development coordinator of the West Virginia Region of the America Red Cross, explained the Red Cross welcomes donations because the money helps fulfill their mission. “We never know when or where a disaster is going to strike, so by contributing to the Red Cross through financial means, you help the Red Cross be able to respond to a disaster where the need is greatest.”

To donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief, call 1-800-Red-Cross or 304-255-1508. You can also donate through or mail donations to the Raleigh County chapter at:  200 industrial Drive, Beckley, WV.


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