Elementary students donate 2,024 food items to local food pantry

Local - 11/14/2013 5:28 PM by Rebecca Turco

OAK HILL - Elementary students in Oak Hill competed in a food drive to benefit a local food pantry.

In just five school days, students collected 2,024 food items for the Fayette Plateau Ministerial Association. The grades competed against each other and the fourth grade collected the most items.

Mark Wood, president of the Fayette Plateau Ministerial Association, appreciates how the children helped those in need. “This extra special gift from the students here at New River Elementary comes in very, very handy,” he said. “I'm just so proud of the kids for taking the initiative to do something like this to give back to the community.”

The food drive counted toward a community service requirement that fourth graders have to complete. Fourth grade teacher Sandra Whitaker explained how the students came together for the food drive competition. “Even if they didn't bring canned food, they helped stack the food [and] they rolled the wagons down the hallway,” she said. “It's just very important that boys and girls learn at a very early age how important community service is.”

Kylie Pelkey, a fourth grade student, said she was happy to give back to the needy. “I feel really great that all the people who are really hungry and needy are going to get food,” she said.

The Fayette Plateau Ministerial Association does a monthly food distribution to those in need. Wood said the need increases during the winter.


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