Jesse authorities call Butler murder case "very active"

Local - 11/14/2013 4:46 PM by Karen Franklin
HERNDON - Police who recently arrested a father-son duo for the murder of a Hinton man continue to search for more information in what they called a "very active" case.

Sgt. R.A. Maddy with State Police followed leads Thursday near Crumpler Road, which is where the body of 55-year-old James "Bo" Butler was discovered two years ago. State police at the Jesse detachment believe Butler was shot in Mercer County in April 2011, two weeks before he was found dead in Herndon.

Oscar Ross Combs Jr., 21, and his father Oscar Ross Combs Sr. were arrested for the first-degree murder of Butler this week after someone came forward with new information, Maddy told WOAY. Police are asking anyone else who knows anything to come forward as well.

"Without this new information, we wouldn't have been able to actually accomplish what we were able to accomplish," Maddy said. "Just following up with the information with the help of the Wyoming County Sheriff's Office, we were able to find the right people to talk to and able to make two arrests," Maddy said.

Ralph Sizemore, of Alpoca Bottom, told WOAY that he knew the Combs well.

"If they done it, they deserve what they get," he said. "If they didn't do it, don't know what to tell you or nothing like that. I hope they didn't do it, and if they did, they deserve what they get. I'm glad they're locked up and hope they stay there for a while."

Still, he didn't see it coming.

"They were real good people," he said. "They helped you do anything you wanted to do. If you wanted them to help you, they'd help you do anything you want. I never had no trouble out of none of them."

Authorities expect more information to be released next week.


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