Summersville parade honors vets

Local - 11/11/2013 6:08 PM by Karen Franklin
SUMMERSVILLE - A big 'thank you' came from Summersville Monday where town officials, schools and youth groups marched down Main St. to show their appreciation for those who risked it all.

"Makes me proud that so many people come out for it and support the vets the way they do," Vietnam Vet Walter Dooley said.

Hundreds lined the streets to cheer on the U.S. vets -- those that made it back and those that didn't.

"I think about all the ones that lost their lives over there that couldn't be here for this parade," Dooley told Newswatch. "That bothers me more than anything."

But on the battlefield or not, their brotherhood will never be forgotten.

"We worked together whenever," Korean Vet Delbert Nutter said. "Whenever we was in the batallion, everybody worked together, and we got the job done good."

Dooley talked more about it.

"We bond together, cover each others backs, stay together," he said. "When we get out, we stay together. It's a bond that can never be broken."

On Veterans Day, men and women that fought for the red, white and blue were thanked for their service and the freedoms they've guaranteed.

"I think I done a good job there, and I think it's worth while," Nutter said. "A good thing for people to do."


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