Woman pleads guilty to child abuse, gets home confinement

Local - 10/30/2013 5:55 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - A Beckley woman will remain in her home for at least three years after admitting to depriving her 6-year-old daughter of proper nutrition.

Sabina Smith, 44, plead guilty to child abuse causing serious bodily injury and child neglect causing serious bodily injury in Raleigh County Court Wednesday.

Through tears, Smith admitted she denied her daughter of medical care and did not feed her properly. Prosecutors said her 6-year-old child, who is now 9, was unresponsive, weighed 19 pounds and on the verge of death when she finally received hospital care.

Due to the conditions of the plea agreement, Smith lost rights to her other five children. Prosecutors are thankful for the closure.

"The victim in this case has been adopted and is in a household and is thriving, and she was so resilient that she made it through this," said Jeff Shumate, of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. "At this point, she's attending public school. She's also doing very well in school, and her weight's up to the point where a child her age should be."

Prosecutors said Smith also cInched the girl into a car seat at night to prevent her from stealing food. Smith's maximum sentence is 20 years of home confinement.


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