Bullying seminar held in Fayetteville

Local - 10/28/2013 7:01 PM by Joe Hellriegel
FAYETTEVILLE - The Fayette County School Board hosted a bullying awareness seminar for school officials.

Retired Pennsylvania Police Chief Jim Holler instructed the class on cyber bullying, internet programs and the use of Facebook and other programs. He stresses the importance of knowing that when something is posted on social media, it's public and permanent and can make a huge impact on someones life.

"Over my career, I've seen kids that are involved in this, directly involved and of course the outcomes, the sad outcome of suicide that kids get to the point where they can't take it any more and kids are cruel and words do hurt, whether or not we want to believe that or not, and the same thing can happened to us as adults, things get really bad, because of things being posted and that's why I do what I do," said Holler.


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