A Bridge in Raleigh Co. is dedicated to fallen firefighter

Local - 10/26/2013 7:58 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - A bridge in Raleigh County is being dedicated to a fallen fighter Saturday afternoon.

Fred Burroughs was captain and 33 year veteran of the Ghent Volunteer Fire Department before being tradgically killed in the Ghent Little General explosion on January 30th, 2007. Family and friends gathered on the Cranberry Creek Bridge on the East Beckley by-pass that has been named in his honor.

[CG :2-Line Lower Third\Hazel Burroughs\Fred's Wife]
"Naming the bridge is an honor for Fred, our family has been humbled that this bridge has been named for him and its an exciting time to celebrate that with our friends and family," said Fred's wife, Hazel Burroughs.

Senator Mike Green brought the idea of naming the bridge in Burroughs honor before legislature and got it approved.

"Well obviously the roles of the legislature and West Virginia State Legislature are all encompassing but I can tell you from experiences like today and even other experiences this is some of the most rewarding things we can do," said Senator Green.

Working in law enforcement at the time, Senator Green vividly remembers the accident.

"That day, it would be what I would envision a war zone to be like. The building was completely demolished, there was debris in trees literally miles away," said Senator Green.

And people who worked with Burroughs say it's comforting to know they will be remembered.

"I'm glad to see that even after we are gone that the work we have given our lives to do, people still remember, but he was a good friend, a good leader and I learned an awful lot from him," said Ghent Vol. Fire Dept. Captain Rick Morrison.


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