John Ellison added to Wall of Honor in Fayette County

Local - 10/25/2013 5:20 PM by Rebecca Turco

FAYETTEVILLE - An internationally-acclaimed composer and performer born in Montgomery has been added to the Fayette County Wall of Honor at the courthouse.

 “Some Kind of Wonderful” is one of John Ellison’s most well-known songs. Ellison sung this tune at a ceremony Friday at the Fayette County Courthouse, where he was awarded a spot in the Wall of Honor by the County Commission.

Ellison’s career has taken him around the world, but he still comes back to the mountain state every year to remember where he came from. He wants people to know hard work pays off. “You can achieve anything you want to achieve in life as long as you're willing to work hard and let nothing stand in your way,” he explained.

Commission President Matthew Wender said Ellison was a worthy candidate for the wall. “It just adds one small chapter to his interesting, fascinating life,” he said. Wender said commissioners have specific criteria to choose who can join the wall, including that they must be a Fayette County native.

Ellison lives in Canada now. He is in the process of creating a replica of his house growing up in McDowell County, which will be the John Ellison Museum of Arts. Ellison said he wants to have a tourist outlet to help bring more money into that area. It is expected to be completed in June 2014.


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