Lewisburg aims to install solar panels on city hall

Local - 10/21/2013 5:40 PM by Rebecca Turco

LEWISBURG - The city of Lewisburg is aiming to become more environmentally friendly by installing solar panels.

The city is looking to put photovoltaic cells on city hall, according to Mayor John Manchester. Manchester said officials are beginning to test a model that allows governmental entities to install solar panels on city buildings. It's all part of an administrative decision by the city council.

Manchester believes it is important to look toward alternative energy sources as the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise. “The goal of this is basically to lock in that which you are spending,” he explained. “To give yourself a little buffer for the future and take a little more control of your own energy bills.”

The project does not cost the city any upfront money. Officials are working out specific details and hope to start the project within the next year. 


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