Law enforcement handles security at Bridge Day

Local - 10/19/2013 8:32 PM by Joe Hellriegel
FAYETTEVILLE - Security has beefed up since 9/11 and the Boston bombings, so police and troopers were out in full force on the Bridge today. Of course, their goal is to keep everyone safe, so entering the gates, spectators were met by law enforcement to check bags and turn in any knives. Backpacks and purses were allowed but not before a through check. Law enforcement officials say its not only the safety but the history of the area that calls for added security.

"Just making sure everyone is as safe as can be, your on a piece of critical infrastructure, the bridge is a place that is celebrated in our state, a lot of people want to come and enjoy it and they way things are today we're doing the best that we can everyone has a good time and everyone is as safe as possible," said Capt. Ron Arthur of the Charleston State Police.


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